Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a compilation of the video games in the Mass Effect trilogy.  All three games were remastered, with visual enhancements, technical improvements, and gameplay adjustments. The compilation was announced on November 7, 2020, and is scheduled to be released on May 14, 2021 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition contains single-player base content from all three titles in the Mass Effect trilogy. The compilation also includes almost all single-player downloadable content (DLC) that was originally released for each game, such as promotional weapons, armors, and packs. Set in the Milky Way galaxy within an alternate universe during the 22nd century, the trilogy consists of action role-playing games in which the player assumes the role of Commander Shepard, an elite human soldier who must unite the galactic community against a highly advanced race of synthetic-organic starships called Reapers. Shepard is a customizable character whose morality is determined by the player, and during each game, the player makes choices that can impact the story in various ways. These choices and consequences can be carried forward through the trilogy.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

Processor Intel Core i5 3570 / AMD FX-8350
GPU  NVIDIA GTX 760, AMD Radeon 7970 / R9280X
Memory 8 GB
Storage 120 GB
Recommended System Requirements

Processor Intel Core i7-7700 or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
GPU NVIDIA GTX 1070 / RTX 200, Radeon Vega 56
Memory 16 GB
Storage 120 GB

Product Description

Offline Activation Description

⭕After the purchase, You will receive the ‘BCPC Offline Steam Launcher’ Software of your purchased product.

⭕You will receive an Unique Key for the ‘BCPC Offline Steam Launcher’.

⭕You can activate your Offline Activation on your PC at any time.

⭕You can download the Game directly through ‘Steam’.

⭕Network function of the game is not available.

⭕You can get latest updates of the Game immediately after the release.

⭕Activation crashes when Updating Operating System, replacing Game Files or changing Computer Components.

⭕Refund is not provided.[Only A Replacement]



Digital Key Description

⭕After the purchase, You will receive the Redeem Code of your purchased product.

⭕You can redeem the game directly through the Application.

⭕If the Redeem Code is invalid when purchased, You will receive a Replacement immediately.

⭕Claims are not accepted under Toxic behaviour, Hacking & Banning

⭕Refund is not Provided.